Bob Crane

Bob Crane

American Radio Personality, Musician,
Actor, Director, Writer, Humanitarian

Innovative, cutting edge, and way ahead of his time, Bob Crane has been called a radio genius by those who worked with him and knew him well. He is one of radio's unsung pioneers, spending 15 consecutive years behind the mic from one coast to the other and staying close to the broadcasting medium for his entire life. During those years, he did things in radio that had rarely, if ever, been done before, such as getting special permission from the Broadcast Engineers' Union to play his own records. Further, while he prepared extensively for his show, everything he did on the airevery sound effect, gimmick, joke, skit, and quipwas spontaneous. Nothing was rehearsed. While he is perhaps most recognized for his role as Colonel Robert E. Hogan on Hogan's Heroes, Bob Crane can be credited with paving the way for radio personalities and disc jockeys for generations to come.

Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography

Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography was released on September 17, 2015. After twelve years of research, this book provides an in-depth and honest look at Bob Crane's entire life and career, with nearly 200 prominent people from his life having contributed. The release date also coincides with the 50th Anniversary of Hogan's HeroesA portion of the book's profits will be donated to various charities in Bob Crane's memory.   


The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded

This podcast, hosted by Eric Senich and based on Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, will explore the life of Bob Crane. Eric's father, Jim Senich, is Bob Crane's first cousin, and Jim was a prominent contributor to Bob's biography. Eric has worked in the broadcasting industry since 1991 and counts both his father and Bob as major influences in his radio career. Subscribe to The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded on iTunes, Google Play, StitcherTuneIn Radio, our hosting site Spreaker, and other podcast delivery services. © Carol Ford and Eric Senich.

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The Liberty Aviation Museum

The Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio, is the official and permanent home of the authentic Hogan's Heroes artifact and prop collection, which includes Colonel Hogan's entire uniform (partly donated by Robert Scott Crane), Colonel Klink's uniform, and Sergeant Schultz's uniform. In addition, the museum is also home of other artifacts and props from the series, including the coffee pot/receiver and one of Klink's robes.

We encourage you to discover all that the Liberty Aviation Museum has to offer. Please support them by visiting them in person, and/or by donating directly to the museum or shopping in their online gift shop.

Selection Process for the National Radio Hall of Fame

The National Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2013 has been announced, and Bob Crane will not be inducted this year. We will, however, continue to petition the Steering Committee for Bob Crane's inclusion in the National Radio Hall of Fame. Our campaign is now a general awareness campaign, not only for the National Radio Hall of Fame, but for other similar causes.

Why the Campaign Title 'Vote For Bob Crane?'
The title "Vote For Bob Crane" was created because the National Radio Hall of Fame used to allow public voting as part of their selection process. Thus, we needed to raise and build public awareness so people could literally vote for Bob Crane for his posthumous induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame via their official election ballot. Public voting was suspended indefinitely in 2012, but that was long after our title "Vote For Bob Crane" had been firmly established. We decided to keep the title, however, because it had become recognizable with our cause and efforts. That said, even though public voting no longer exists, we can still figuratively "vote" for Bob by showing our support for his proper and rightful recognition in places such as the National Radio Hall of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his extensive and groundbreaking work in radio, television, and the entertainment field.

Update: July 1, 2015
The National Radio Hall of Fame has decided to return to public voting. Stay tuned for more information!

News & Media

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